Our plant has been designed for versatility, enabling us to offer a variety of chemical processes.

Our 23,000mt plus annual manufacturing capacity is based on a combination of multiple 316 stainless steel and glass lined reactors plus mixing vessels.  The reactors are fitted with condensers, capable of reflux and distillation, with the ability to feed monomer and up to three initiator solutions.

Finished products can be packed into bulk tankers, IBCs, drums or kegs. Material can also be transferred to our indoor onsite warehouse facility to await collection.

We are a Lower Tier COMAH site operating to the OHSAS18001 standard for Safety Management Systems and accredited to ISO9001:2008 (quality) and ISO14001:2015 (environmental) standards.

Our Facilities Include:

  •   11 reactors
  •   All pressure vessels with steam and cooling
  •   Stainless steel or glass lined
  •   10 mixing/finishing vessels
  •   Sizes from 5000 litres to 20,000 litres
  •   900 tonnes finished product storage capacity
  •   500 tonnes raw material bulk storage capacity
  •   Production output – 400-500 tonnes per week