Prime Formulations is a leading producer of water treatment polymers and acrylic dispersions, supplying many international companies.

We are specialists in the development and optimisation of polymerisation processes.  We manufacture a range of chemicals based upon the polymerisation of Acrylic Monomers, Acrylate Monomers, Amines and Formaldehyde.

Most monomers can be handled and reacted with redox inhibitors or thermal initiators such as peroxide and azo initiators. Polymerisation reactions can be carried out in water or solvent. The molecular weight can be controlled by a choice of reaction conditions or by the use of appropriate chain transfer agents.

We have toll manufactured flocculants and coagulants such as the polyamines and polyDadmac polymers for all types of water treatment, from production of drinking water to sludge dewatering, and have experience in the production of polyacrylate descalent.

We also have several vessels able to produce acrylic dispersion, both neutralised and un-neutralised, as well as inverse emulsions.

In conjunction with some of our tolling partners, certain processes achieve accredited to the EFfCI good manufacturing practice 2012 standard

Applications Include:

  •    Polyacrylics/polyacrylamides: Paints, paper coatings, grouts, adhesives, industrial water      treatment, textiles
  •    Liquid Dispersants
  •    Thickeners