WYPOL™ acrylic based polymers designed to aid the HI&I formulator

Prime Formulations Ltd provides a range of acrylic based polymers designed to aid the HI&I formulator.


WYPOL™ acrylic polymers have both a tailored composition and a targeted molecular weight structure to enhance primary and
secondary detergency and to inhibit scale deposition. The effect is three-fold:

  • Threshold inhibition
  • Crystal distortion
  • Anti deposition

WYPOL™ acrylic polymers adsorb onto the surface of the cleaning item, whether that be a surface of an insoluble or partially soluble
salt or the fabric of textiles during the washing cycle. They are effective at complexing water hardness and heavy metal ions, removing
them from the wash water and thus preventing further interference with the process.

WYPOL™ acrylic polymers inhibit the effects of water hardness and slow the growth of the seed crystal preventing them from being
visible until a much higher concentration is present. This is the “threshold effect”. As WYPOL™ acrylic polymers will act as a dispersant
they prevent the deposition of the scale onto surfaces protecting both machinery and the item being cleaned. Products that target antiredeposition
employ both electrostatic and steric forces to prevent adsorbtion onto the surface of the fabric and repel emulsified oils
and dirts.

WYPOL™ acrylic polymers are suitable for use in laundry detergents, dishwasher products, low pH detergents and cleaners, as well as
surfactant concentrates and high pH cleaners.

WYPOL™ acrylic polymers will protect carboxylated surfactants, whitening and bleaching agents from deactivation by polyvalent ions.

Rheology Modifiers

WYPOL™ range of acrylic thickeners will hydrate when mixed with water stabilising emulsions and dispersions or improve the
look and feel of the formulation. Their pseudoplastic rheology makes them ideal for systems where flow is not required. These
properties make them suitable for “vertical cling” formulations.

WYPOL™ range of acrylic thickeners are supplied as either alkali swellable emulsions (ASE’s) or as oil dispersed polymers (LDP’s).
Liquid dispersion polymers are particularly effective in fabric softener formulations providing the desired viscosity and pour
attributes and its cationic nature improves fragrance retention on fabrics.

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