Notice on behalf of Melvyn Whyte Chairman and CEO Whyte Group Ltd.

Lily Whyte

On the 27th May 2015 my darling wife Lily passed away.

She was the founding director of Whyte Chemicals Limited launched in 1976, and its formation was her concept from its initial days and based in her kitchen until she finally ran out of patience 9 years later and evicted the 16 staff the company had grown to.

She remained my guiding light and source of inspiration for so many of the things that Whyte’s undertook from its trading origins expanding into Europe and the far east and into manufacturing plants in the UK.

Her kindness, inner beauty and stunning looks were in a class of their own.

I have been overwhelmed by the messages I have had where her guidance to so many people changed their lives.

She was unexpectedly diagnosed with a reoccurrence of pancreatic cancer only 3 weeks ago having survived 4 years from major surgery to remove the cancer in 2011.

A unique person who fought courageously and bravely just to stay with me a little while longer.
Losing her is just unimaginable but she will remain for ever in my thoughts and my heart.

She was my companion, my soul mate, and my life.

Melvyn Whyte