Prime Formulations delivers quality products and a fast-response confidential service.

Established in 1988 as part of the Whyte Group, we together with our sister company Grosvenor Chemicals, are two associated toll manufacturing operations in the UK. We have the expertise and flexibility to tailor our service to your precise needs – allowing you to select our complete toll package or simply choose the particular services you require.

Our in-depth knowledge of chemical contract manufacturing is coupled with an understanding of commercial realities, in particular the need to bring projects to a successful conclusion quickly and efficiently.  We work in close partnership with our clients, focusing on ensuring that every project is carried out professionally, speedily and confidentially to the agreed standards and timescales.

The total price of manufacturing can be a difficult cost to assess. Toll manufacturing may be a more cost efficient route.

As expert toll manufacturers, we understand that certain process can often cause problems like these:-

–          time-consuming operations,  putting additional pressures on your already time-strapped plant;

–           not always delivering the return compared to the effort and resource they require;

–           create bottle necks at times of high capacity;

–           can necessitate costly changeovers and clean downs for what are often low-demand products.

This is why our toll manufacturing and processing services make sense.  Working to your precise brief, we can take your troublesome products and process them to your bespoke requirements – helping you to maximise profits and efficiencies.

Contact us to discuss your particular project in more detail.